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Awareness! Spiritual Meltdowns Are Beautiful!

One of the most amusing things I have every witnessed is a spiritual mentor having a mini meltdown.  Oh no! Don’t get it twisted! The most zen personalities have these moments. Yes, they use foul language! Yes! They get overwhelmed by all the energies shooting on the planet! Despite all the awareness, peace and love that they  feel,  they are also on their journey too. The beautiful part about all this is that they give us the novices, those of us in training hope and reassurance, that our meltdowns are a normal part of the process.
I had a particularly profound meltdown the week that Black Lives Matter exploded this summer. There I was alone at home, writhing in by bed completely aghast with one singular thought: I am trapped on this damn planet and I cannot get off! I felt so suffocated!

Looking back now it was quite hilarious. However in that moment I was in full melodrama mode! Why would a person feel that way? Imagine feeling all the love, peace and happiness your soul can hold…

Enlightenment: The State of Inner Peace

“We don't realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Our inherent spiritual state of being is love, joy and peace, all in balance. This is a causeless state, meaning there is no outside influence for the condition. Anything outside of our Self is either an addition, a subtraction or an irritant to those three main states.

Fear is not an attribute of the spirit. It has been said that fear and all that comes with it are manifestations and experiences within our physical existence. By dancing with fear and ego and feeling the overwhelming pains and discovering the spiritual disassociation linked to them, we eventually begin our journeyback to our original state.

How does one know that they are closer to these main states or in balance? You will just know. It will vary as your individual spirit is beautiful and unique.

Perhaps, it could be that your evolution may unfold in a way where you be…