Awareness! Spiritual Meltdowns Are Beautiful!

One of the most amusing things I have every witnessed is a spiritual mentor having a mini meltdown.  Oh no! Don’t get it twisted! The most zen personalities have these moments. Yes, they use foul language! Yes! They get overwhelmed by all the energies shooting on the planet! Despite all the awareness, peace and love that they  feel,  they are also on their journey too. The beautiful part about all this is that they give us the novices, those of us in training hope and reassurance, that our meltdowns are a normal part of the process.

I had a particularly profound meltdown the week that Black Lives Matter exploded this summer. There I was alone at home, writhing in by bed completely aghast with one singular thought: I am trapped on this damn planet and I cannot get off! I felt so suffocated!

Looking back now it was quite hilarious. However in that moment I was in full melodrama mode! Why would a person feel that way? Imagine feeling all the love, peace and happiness your soul can hold but at the same time observing the all madness the world has to offer. Imagine intrinsically knowing that these moments in humanity are not of true spiritual nature and feeling the foreignness of it all. Imagine looking at people roil and roll and wanting to scream at them: Wake up! 

Think about how we can see how devastating it can be if the majority of people do not come to full awareness. Imagine seeing karma slap your fellow journeymen and you know you have to stay out of the fray!

I sincerely believe the only reason these sensitive souls are even able to exist and walk in spirit is because love keeps them anchored and grounded.

The night I thought the earth was burning, I reached out for comfort. I ended up falling into a deep sleep with hot salty tears running down I cheeks. I awakened hours later much calmer. I know that my spiritual brothers and sisters whispered reassurances in my ear while I was in slumber, saying: You chose this experience. You are strong and you know what to do. (By the way I still side eye the cosmos when I am reminded of this.)

They reminded me that like so many of you, I have work to do. They directed me to a whole community brimming of like-minded people for support and amped up my energy. They helped me find the humor in things and showed me how to love harder.

Spiritual work is by no means any easier than any other work. Actually it takes more effort. You are wide open to all the good and not so good.  You have to constantly keep the big picture in front of you and remember your purpose. 

You have to maintain a spiritual practice of mediation, fortification of your energy, and prevent yourself from being pulled into the madness. We can’t distract ourselves the way others do. There is no drug, not enough alcohol or trivialities to numb us to any of what happens in life.

We see it all, feel every minute of it and taste madness and sanity in gulps. But I am here to tell you that you will always be surrounded by a spiritual team that is so supportive and loving. Those in the know above and below, realize how truly hard Earth School is. Always know that you came into this a winner!

So feel free if you are on a path of learning and teaching to rail at the walls. Then go and lie down and enjoy the respite. Allow Source to refresh you for the next moment in this amazing journey.

We have work to do!

Stay in Awareness. Stay in-Spirit. Stay IN LOVE! Because it truly is a Divine Life!



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