2016 Year In Review (Early Edition)

“According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.

Here we are one month before the end of a year that many will remember. Are you still with us?

The year started with significant energy. Most people were unaware that the energy of this year was going to hit them like a cannonball. Then it started with the explosion of Black Lives Matter and all the circumstances that surrounded those events. It shook quite a few people to their core. What has always been a reality for many in the black community rose to the surface for the whole world to see.

Many of my African-American friends and people of color felt a rising in their souls. It prompted quite a few people to sit back and ask themselves who they really are and what was the real purpose behind the oppression that has been so prevalent for eons. It opened necessary dialogues, made people research to find deeper meaning and sparked numerous debates, even across color lines. But more importantly is it awakened people to their spiritual purpose. Now there is a focus stemming from the realization that true change starts within. From there it moves to the walls of their homes and next, inside their communities.

As that situation took hold, the presidential election began to unfold.  This was a campaign that caused many to comment that they had never seen anything like this before. When the day of decision came, the shock value of the results flattened people. Something that felt to be within reach for so many people, was suddenly thrown out of the window. As many were reeling from the outcome, I knew precisely that fear had won. A greater number of people sensed a change in a direction that they did not like and so supported what they believe will take them back to a time where things would be better.

Unfortunately, what most of these people fail to realize is that the planet is evolving in synchronicity with the Universe. It does not care if the inhabitants are having issues with their evolution; it is doing its thing regardless. So while momentarily it may appear that things are going to go the other way it will not, because the Universe always corrects itself.

Now the energy is really palpable for change. As people slowly come out of the fog of this year, minds are activating and people are coming “online” with the collective consciousness. With the increasing fear rhetoric comes the expanding awareness of love, collaboration and unity as a viable solution to anything that impedes progress.

But it’s not just on a public level that things are changing. People are making serious strides in their personal lives. People are swiftly releasing those from their lives who are fear driven. Others are shifting out of relationships that are narcissistic and unhealthy. The feminine energy is rising quietly, helping to slowly balance the male patriarchal system. People are searching for answers and asking deeper questions about the meaning of their lives.

Those of us who have been diligently shifting into our spiritual selves have also seen huge upheavals. I have seen it very clearly in my personal life. Starting in June the forces behind everything created ended a relationship that had run its course. I completed an assignment that had everything to do with learning how adjust the environment with positive frequencies. My relationship with family members finally cracked open due to an illness with my mother. A new job surfaced that was detrimental to my spirit and I left it in under a week, without knowing my next move. 

But as always, the cosmos responded to my unwavering faith with the opportunity for me to shift out of secular work into spiritual endeavors starting in 2017. I am now poised to move deeper into my joy of lovingly helping others to advance through the awakening process via consulting, energy transmutation and healing. Teachers and shamans showed up to lead and support me into this process. Opportunities to take sabbaticals to sacred places in the world have shown up, all with the purpose of having me fulfill my responsibility to help to raise the awareness of others.

It is unfolding loves, and in a great way. And I am going to be honest, if you are in the same place that you were a year ago; if you are still behaving the same way, missing those lessons, being resistant, stuck in the physical and in the same mindset, you are on course to have things become a bit difficult. You see, as more people shift higher in their thinking, you will be left behind with people more like who you are. 

You will be surrounded by more people who are confused, mired and more entrapped. It will be harder to reach those who are moving toward their higher self, because it feels better and freer to them. You will be tasked with the job to raise those on a lower vibration. Your purges will be harsher and your shifts more drastic. The physical world is on the cusp of a major change. But everyone ahead of you looks forward to your breakthroughs and will be glad when you catch up!

The upcoming year promises to be an interesting one. It will be more responsive as more of us will be paying attention as events unfold. It will be smoother for many as they start to feel the effects of being acclimated to this vibrant energy that is flowing. New collaborations will unfold as people will be drawn to each other as their energies will be more in sync. It’s important to keep in mind we are in the early hours of enlightenment.  This time period is about assisting those awakening and not creating a utopia. That is further down the road.

As we close the year out, lean into reflection. Look back at this year as a touch point for getting in flow with creative energy. See all that has unfolded as good things. And be prepared to allow your soul to become quiet in preparation for a new year as the planet Mercury goes into retrograde in December. Oh! Did you think it was over? Psyche!

For now let us all focus our energies on making sure that those who are becoming aware feel safe about embracing the power that is within them. There is a bigger picture developing from the negatives, but it’s a good one. So for now...

Live in Awareness. Live In Spirit. Live IN Love. Because that is the Divine Life.


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