Spirituality: Righteous Gangsta Lean

If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. 
Men will believe what they see. Let them see.

Some people have a heightened Sense of Righteousness. It is not linked to religion or belief. They have a deep sense about right and wrong on most levels. It's certainly not a state of perfection. But it is an innate leaning toward doing what is right, what is logical or best for themselves and for others. 

It's also a deep awareness that thoughts or actions lead to consequences that have a huge effect on our well-being. It is also possible that those who lean toward right-minded behavior are holding a degree of spiritual awareness in a physical world carried over as memories of spiritual life.

As a child I was always afraid of getting in trouble. I never liked being disciplined. Whether it came in the form of a spanking or a discussion, I acutely knew I did not like it one bit! I realized the only way to avoid discipline was to be ruthlessly obedient. I learned early on to listen to what my mother and other caretakers told me, even though at times it didn't make sense. This carried over into my relationship to scripture and eventually expanded to my adherence to Universal Laws. 

One of my closest friends always told me I had a strong sense of self-preservation. Truth be told: I just don't like pain. No one does. I've stabbed myself one or two times naively thinking that I could handle the outcome of my actions. After bleeding out in those moments I've adopted a strict attitude towards life: to always "do the right thing" in large and small ways no matter how challenging or how inconvenient it is. Plus, self-love is an amazing bed-fellow to righteous behavior. When you truly love yourself you will not inflict pain on your Soul. 

I've observed people time and time again repeatedly doing things to themselves and others that create painful consequences. When people don't reflect and learn from these blowback moments, they tend to harden in their nature. They go through life instead of growing through it, stunting that natural state of righteousness we all came here with.

Some people make excuses for their behavior by falling back on their childhood experiences to avoid personal responsibility. Make no mistake; at some point in adult life we all arrive at a place where we can chose righteous actions over ingrained habits. The beauty of this is that despite whatever choices we make there are always lessons to learn. 

I theorize there may be another reason some people doggedly lean toward doing what is right in their lives, not even fully understanding why they behave the way they do. I came to this theory by observing those who've lived their lives for the benefit for others. These people when even faced with death stood firm in righteous thought and behavior. I believe they acted in this way to inspire us, because their actions are such that we may not see again. I'm sure you can think of people in the course of human history who fit this mold. 

On a personal level this theory came to me through a realization that my life experience in this particular physical world is my last one. It was a growing awareness that if I could get it right here, I could get it right everywhere. The awareness was not fueled on the idea of gaining Universal Brownie points, "going to Heaven" or being a goody-two-shoes or a fear that if I didn't cut it of dying in some apocalypse! It's about learning the ropes, so that upon final transition I can utilize the choice to embark on other journeys beyond this one with the knowledge I've gained. 

I began feeling this way long before I was triggered to recall aspects of my existence in the spiritual realm. I even stated to friends early on in my awakening that if I ever came back to this "game" it would be more in the vein of guiding others while in spirit form. It was not until the continuous unfolding of the journey and retrospection on my life that I could see that I had this pattern of right minded thinking for a long time.

I share all of this to say that if you find yourself always leaning toward right thought or action there could be a reason for this. If your right-mindedness is not linked to rewards or recognition, but just a natural inner leaning, then pay attention to that. If no matter what situation you're faced with, you KNOW you're going to do the right thing regardless of loss, inconvenience to yourself, temporary discomfort, facing atrocities or death, know you're not doing this by mere accident. It is who you are. It is your nature. It is your true spirit. Know that this predilection is purposeful and is essential to your journey, an inspiration to others here and beyond! 

Be unwaveringly righteous in all your ways. Enjoy the happiness that fills your heart when you know you're Living Right.

Live in Awareness. Live In Spirit. Live IN Love. This is the Divine Life. 

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