Consciousness: Intricate Layers of Consciousness - Part 2

“The lucky ones are those who take every opportunity and turn every life experience onto truth seeking adventure. They end up fullfilled with deeper dimensions of pleasure and spirit satisfaction.
- Sameh Elsayed

As we shift further into expanded consciousness, there will be clear evidence pointing to the differences in people's thinking. One of the benefits of a deepening awareness will be the changes in the people with whom you associate. Once you start understanding the lessons you are learning in the 3D environment and behavior adjustments begin, you’ll develop an increasing desire to be around those who think and behave like you. It is energetically and emotionally driven. You will have these experiences to confirm that, yes, you are on a spiritually different path compared to your not too long past.

One interesting change will be a growing inability to communicate with people whose awareness level is still where yours once was. It will probably be very perplexing to deal with. For starters, you won’t be able to relate to them as much and neither will they be able understand you. And when you try to reason with them, you may find yourself slipping into frustration or anger.

The rising consciousness comes with increasing empathy. It is because once you start to awaken and ascend you are on a path to oneness with everything ever created. You are also more open to source Energy. Your empathy for others slowly increases as you shift more into self-love. Self-Love is directly connected to the love that is the source of Creation.

It was not until having a conversation with a longtime friend, that I realized how far my consciousness had expanded over a short space of time.  The conversation revolved around racism. I tried to convey to my friend that events in the past will inevitably show up in the future.  What was done to one group by the hands of another would eventually be experienced the other way around. It was interesting to see how my friend’s mind could not wrap itself around the idea and show the same outrage for both acts of racial hate. I felt like I was speaking to a brick wall. What was most interesting was that I could feel his heart. He is a good person, but his mind was completely blocked.

It was almost as if he was programmed not to see the correlation. But this was something I had noticed before while observing similar conversations on social media. It did not seem to be a resistance to this kind of reasoning. It was as if these particular people could not understand the data that was being shared with them. It appeared impossible for the thought to even be cognitively assimilated and even considered.

It was not until days later after pondering over the conversation, I realized that the learning programming and illusions of the three dimensional reality is deep to the extreme. It is also much layered. As mentioned in the previous post, this programming starts for all of us when we are children and it carries over into our adult lives. We can add to this, all the unhealthy experiences we create or are created for us in our childhood experiences that for most rarely gets resolved. For any type of resolution to occur, we would first have to acknowledge these issues even exist.  These issues, along with all this programming, we take into our adult lives and relive with others who are in the same proverbial boat.

Perhaps, it is not until some life changing event unfolds in our lives and our minds literally crack open and a light shines in, that we begin to notice that something is really off with our world. If we are diligent and begin to do the work to adjust what constrains us, then we open up and begin to change.

By working with Divine Energy we shed the imprisoned self that was created in all those illusions. You never know how much we have been held back, how spiritually weighed down we are, how we were living so far away from our truth until we experience the opposite of it all.

In a fourth or fifth dimensional mindset, the differences from the third dimension are very clear. The whole world sits in 3D so we can learn specific lessons. We attract situations and people into our lives to learn these lessons. We learn through painful experiences. Have you ever heard the statement: “We develop from the negatives”? That is our 3D experience. We learn from the pain of living in duality and especially the duality within ourselves. As long as our mind occupies space in 3D, we are not our full authentic and powerful Self. We are constantly switching ourselves on or off to deal with the duality and all its messages that permeate our lives.

My friend’s mind was a little switched off from empathy. In truth he SHOULD have be outraged at any type of hateful act against another person. And we see this same behavior across the globe where only few people can universally be upset at acts against all people. It’s the same thing with poverty and its duality wealth. Not enough people with means seem to consider the plight of those who are poor and actively share what they have. It is the same with love and hate. Some people will speak of love but it tends to be conditional and easily switched out regardless of the situation to its opposite hate. Another very obvious instance is warfare that oddly can coexist with peace.

It is not until the consciousness expands beyond 3D that we lose the pressure of duality and come to the realization everyone is actually us. Our empathy grows, we begin to work together. Love, compassion, collaboration, the need to be at peace with others and the like becomes first and foremost. We realize that these attributes must first be developed within ourselves and then they will show up in the outer world. We begin to mirror the higher spiritual Self from where we originate energetically as creators.

As you grow spiritually you will naturally disengage or develop a healthy detachment from third dimensional thinking. It almost becomes necessary. Remember, the whole world is vibrating in 3D. When you shift your thinking higher any time you sink the 3D you will feel the difference in energy! It is not fun!

I have have also learned that unless a person is directed to me by their spirit for help in understanding something, there is no need for me to try and change their minds. Because of one magical thing and it is this: Each person who is meant to awaken will have an instance within their soul when it is time. Nothing happens until the soul is ready to receive.

Basically a person's soul will open on its own like the lotus.  Rest assured it will probably happen faster more so today than years in the past because there is more energy being directed at our planet.
We also play a part with our energetic shifting toward alignment. All we have to do, and in time this will come clear to you, is to do your part. Pay attention to your healing, spiritual advancement and infinite unfolding of the knowledge of your Self. Be there when your loved ones wake up!

As always, continue to live in Awareness, live In Spirit and live IN Love. Because that is the Divine Life.

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