Consciousness: Intricate Layers Of Consciousness- Part 1

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.
–Lao Tzu

Some years ago I had stumbled across the topic of the Multidimensional Conscious Life. At the time, my brain could not wrap itself around the concept. I understood the idea of separate dimensional states and where most people’s minds existed, but beyond that I was lost about the ability to exist across multiple planes of thought vibration.

It was not until I had a conversation with a friend recently that I actually understood the idea and realized I was experiencing a multi-dimensional life. You will too experience this as you continue to grow in spirit.

But before I tell you this story first let me explain in a very simple and basic way what a dimension of consciousness is. There is a scientific and a spiritual explanation. Let’s look at the spiritual definition. Dimensions are not literal spaces, or places. They are different levels of existence. They are energetically based and vibrate different frequencies per dimension.  Our individual awareness or state of consciousness (mind energy) vibrates differently on each dimension. There are multiple dimensions. Most spiritual teachers believe there are twelve, but in truth it could very well be to infinity. Most of us have experienced the first three.

The first dimension seems very simple. It vibrates on a level that includes things like minerals, water and even our DNA via genetic codes. Genetic coding are rules that make you, you! We probably don’t think about this dimension at all, but it is there teeming with life and information. Did you know that at a third dimensional state you can affect the molecules in water? You may not be conscious of 1D now but as you ascend you will be.  

The second dimension consists of certain types of animal species such as corals, insects, and amphibians. They mostly live on instinctual behavior. 2D also includes plants and vegetables. This dimension includes the functions of the lower human brain which sends messages to our body to regulate functions such as our heartbeat, lungs; etc. 

Most of human existence lives in the third dimensional state of consciousness in varying degrees and stages. It’s a dimension of duality. Some examples of duality are good versus evil, cause and effect, past and future mindset, and black/white thinking, etc. It's a challenge to be our authentic Self when we are subject to all that duality. In 3D we experience time and space. The important thing about this dimension is that this is where the organism, the human, learns.  Our learning starts in stages from infancy to adult life. We learn from our actions and consequences over this thing called Time.  

In this dimension we have experiences based in fear, control, anger, division, loss and more. At the same time we can experience love, compassion, joy, peace, but it’s never quite consistent, we keep fluctuating back and forth between all these polarities (duality). 

This will continue until we start to do things or have events happen to help us begin expanding our minds. In 3D you have to “work” hard for things to fall into place, if they do! The third dimension is very complex and I would have to write an entire post on its intricacies. But in truth it is a veritable and most important place for spiritual growth. When your consciousness exceeds 3D, life becomes amazing.

Beyond 3D is a state of consciousness where you will begin to take notice of all the previous dimensions. Fourth dimension is called the astral plane. This is where our conscious mind goes when we dream. Although we have always known we have the ability to dream as we inch into 4D we can do more in our dream state. The soul also begins to reveal things in the astral state. This is also the state where people can begin to experience and realize the reality of the out of body experience. 

4D is where we discover and develop those spiritual abilities we created superstitions about. It’s in 4D that we begin to fully understand the normalcy and power of these abilities, our intuition grows and we begin using these attributes more often in our everyday life. Utilizing them makes life begin to flow. This is also where one would start to begin to feel oneness with everything. 

Past, present and future start to merge into moments of Now. You truly begin to live in each moment. Emotions become more balanced. We begin to think differently; start to question life and why we are here. You begin discovering you are more than just a physical being and thus acting more in line with your spiritual nature. You may very well discover your life purpose.  You’ll begin to feel fearless about life and death and have more loving instances with others.You start to feel the beginning stages of becoming the alchemist of your life experience!

Then there is the fifth dimension of consciousness or 5D. This is where we are headed for now. 5D is phenomenal. It is where you begin to live in spirit while having a human body. This state of awareness is vastly different from the 3D state. It is like night and day. Here you still have lessons to learn, however you see them coming and acclimate much faster. There is joy in the learning. Fear, hate, divisions, and frustration are moved through very swiftly.  In fact you will even begin to not feel them at all. You will recall painful moments in your life but you won’t feel the hurt anymore. 

Your spirit has healed. Love is constant. Love does not feel anything as it does in the third dimension. It is a very peaceful, serene, calm, fluid and freeing state.  You love because you are beginning to feel like you are the energy itself. There are no needs, wants or validation attached to love in 5D. All the love games, drama and machinations to acquire love become non-existent. Love is no longer sought from an external source (persons/things), because you are now brimming of the energy of Love!

5D is this state of consciousness we may begin to marvel at the ease of life. You actually shift from manifesting into actualizing. You begin to understand that you can create anything you want and it will be good. You feel balanced, whole and complete. You are harnessing that creative energy that from the beginning of time has been called God.

The most valuable thing I can share about living in a fifth dimensional mindset is that you whole heartedly want to stay there. To even get to this space, one has to be diligent and focused about their spiritual growth. You have to get past the fear based thinking of 3D and begin inner work, which includes the understanding of why you behave the way you do and heal through the process. This is the hardest part because in 3D hardly anyone wants to sit with themselves, get silent and pay attention to the inner workings of their soul. This is why people distract themselves with acquisition, commercialism, group thought, relationship-seeking, entertainment, divisive beliefs programming and much more.

There is a treasure trove of distraction factors in 3D because there is a concerted effort to keep people stuck there. This is one reason why we don’t learn this information at an early age. Most people don’t even know about dimensions or understand there are layers of awareness and that you can greatly expand them. If they knew can you imagine the freedom, peace, creativity and love that would permeate our world?

Okay, so now that I have set this up for you as simply as I could; I will tell you the story that showed me that I was living a multi-dimensional life and how you will eventually get here…next time.

Stay tuned for part two of this post.

Until then; live in awareness, live In-spirit and live IN Love. Because that is the Divine Life.


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