Consciousness: Offline Is The New Luxury!

We live in exciting times. Each day I speak to people who are “getting it”.  I suddenly have friends who are reading up about the twelve laws of the universe and applying them to their lives. There are the people who are shifting out of the corporate rat race, living more simply and investing time into activities that add more meaning to their lives. These folks are discovering the power of purpose.

People are also shifting out of relationships that are disharmonious and cyclically unhealthy. They are coming to the understanding that the relationships they are seeking actually require some form of inner work. They have come to the amazing revelation that you simply cannot attract angels into your life if you are still dealing with your inner demons.

It’s becoming clearer that people are recognizing that the world at large is mired in a low vibrational way of operating and they are swimming deeply in. It is a programmed environment and it has been that way for a very long time. When you realize that life is a system of embedded beliefs that are influenced by media, physical familial, social and cultural standards, one will step back and realize they need to have more direction with the way they live. More and more people are reconnecting to the Divine Mind and are experiencing living right-minded lives.

Most of my friends who are consciously growing are also still shifting. If you were to listen to our roundtable conversations, you would hear us talk about evolving from a third dimensional mindset to a fifth dimensional way of living. It is so odd to now look at the 3D world and see it as a virtual reality show. From a higher mind perspective we can clearly see how and why people are stuck in that world. It's more crucial for many of us to use our spiritual talents to help people make that important life transition. Individually we are more determined to stay on the fifth floor and move higher on the scale of consciousness.

One way I recently shifted and plan on constantly clearing things out in my life even more, was letting go of a lot of my personal social media platforms. I woke up one day opened Facebook and decided I did not need it in my life anymore. I knew in that moment I had evolved beyond it. A lot of social media is deeply mired in third dimensional behavior and attitudes. Do you remember what life was like before the explosion of social media? People actually interacted with each other. We called each other on the phone more, and we made time for others. If you suddenly realized you had not heard about someone you actually reached out to them. Word of important life events came to you first hand or physically by word of mouth. Even relationships were stronger. These days a single online post can make or break a friendship! When people broke up, they broke up and you never saw them again!

At times is seems that social media has become a place of attention seeking, is actually fulfilling prophecy of highlighting the showy displays of one’s means of life, and a tool where people can openly seek validation. And let’s not talk about the political and social climate that is unfolding. It has slowly seeped into many people’s timelines. The lower level of consciousness is very evident across multiple platforms. And it’s getting more challenging to hold a positive vibration in that environment.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have been part of the good, bad and ugly of the internet life. But over the years a lot of what I posted shifted from showing off to putting positive stuff out there.  Did I actually post photos of Louboutins? Yes, I did back in the day, but that got very old over time! A lot of us just frankly grew up! We all went through an awakening of the spirit and started seeing things very differently.

There are some people who are still putting great stuff out there, but there are just some of us who know intrinsically we have grown past it all. There is a lot of good that can come out of being available online if used wisely, productively and purposefully. I am patterning a presence to reflect what others who are raising awareness are sharing.  I am mainly using it for all things Vivadivine. And even then I am retraining my brain as to how much time to spend even doing that. With balance, I am able to delegate more time focusing on my spiritual education and helping people in a more hands on way. I get a chance to expand ways in which to serve my community! This is how I have developed a purpose driven life!

The funny thing is that once I deactivated my account, I did not miss it at all. Actually, it felt like a weight had lifted from my back. I realized that because I am in love with people and am a bit of a social butterfly by nature anyway, that I invested a lot of time interacting virtually with people. It suddenly became very noisy. I am focused on creating a very private and quiet life. So to cut back on the cacophony, I dropped off, did not miss it, but boy oh boy, did people suddenly take notice.

I had to eventually re-engage the service to let my friends know what was going on. A few people actually were inspired by my choice and said they were following me out the door. As much as people felt that they wanted to me stay on and share things that lifted the spirit, I knew it was time to go. I left them with the encouragement to do what I had started doing years ago and promised if any major life events unfolded in my life, I would pop back in and share.

The majority of the people in my circle are not online either or if so, are there in a very limited way. The people who I am attracting into my life are very similar and lead more engaging lives. It's wonderful to meet these folks who are on their journey as they inspire me to live even more quietly and authentically. I have come to truly appreciate that offline is the new luxury and I love it! I think it will be a great trend as more people evolve spiritually.

When you start to make that shift into your spirit, you also start to shed a lot of the Self that no longer serves you. If you have been walking the path for a while, you will recall that when you first started waking up, you began to lose friends and family. This is because your energy was changing. You just did not resonate with certain things anymore. It continues through out your journey. A lot of the way people think just does not jive with you anymore. If you don’t move it becomes uncomfortable for you. If you don’t move other people don’t move either. It is all about growth on the path of enlightenment.

Just as we shift away from people, we also shift away from an environment that is mostly vibrationally dense. We temper what type of media we view. We have more valuable heart expanding conversations. We spend more time with people who are good for the soul. We read really good literature. We get out in nature more. We basically do more spirit expanding activities which is more in line with the beauty of the Universe. We actually discover the amazingness of flow!

But why is this movement even happening? Why are people waking up? Why are we seeing a dramatic rising of awareness, shift in consciousness and a pursuit to enlightenment?

Remember I said in the beginning of the post we are living in exciting times? The Universe is and has always been very active, and everything is happening for a reason and a very good one.

So stay on path, and remember…
Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit.  Live IN Love. Because that is the Divine Life.


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