Consciousness: Observing Your Self

“To acquire knowledge, one must study. But to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”
- Marilyn Vos Savant

An important tool for spiritual growth is self-observation. Self-observation leads to self-knowledge. It is from this vantage point that we come to understand that knowledge comes from within. The truth of our soul comes from the very depths of our consciousness.

Observing ourselves requires solitude and time. We can get ahead of the game by creating a specific time to look within, instead of waiting for an event in our lives to force us into that place. By compassionately looking at our inner Self, we gain insights to our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, attitudes, opinions and actions.

We can see more clearly what motivated us to make certain decisions. We can adjust our thinking so that we do not repeat certain scenarios that hold us back from the full expression of our spirit. Self-observation is a way to detect erroneous thinking, and as we dig deeper we come to the realization that all error is actually a choice.

As mentioned, it is important that we are careful not to turn self-observation into self-condemnation. Be gentle with yourself. You are spiritual being on a grand learning course and it is natural that at times we step out of place with the Divine Mind. Gentle observation brings us back in-sync.

To get the most out of your observation time, developing a regular meditation practice is helpful. Devote time to your inner You. Over time as you learn more about yourself, you will find that success and real confidence easily comes to you. 

You will tap into Divine Guidance and hear it more clearly. But most of all, you will discover what you truly are. You are an amazing, bright and beautiful spiritual light on a journey to Infinite Consciousness !

Live in Awareness.
Live In-Spirit.
Live IN Love

That is the Divine Life.


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