The Unfolding Purpose

“If you hang out with chickens, you're going to cluck 
and if you hang out with eagles, you're going to fly.”
 -Steve Maraboli

Someone asked me recently where I am today compared to where I was when I first began to experience the shift in my spirit. I can honestly say that when I reflect on the distance I have made over the last few years I am somewhat amazed. If someone had told me at the beginning of my forties that midway through my life things would drastically change I would have never believed them. But happily and gratefully here I am. 

I tell people who are coming into the truth of their soul, that there is so much that they can experience. However, that all depends on the level of dedication and determination of your spirit. Most of the people I surround myself with are very aware of the important role we are playing in raising the consciousness of the planet, and in fact the universe which we are all part of.

When you are more aware of your purpose things become very defined. One will start to look more closely at what talents they possess, and exactly what they can do with them to help others discover who and what they really are.

So to answer the question that was posed to me, I told the person that I have been shifted into healing and teaching work. When this whole event of awakening started to unfold in my life, I ran around at first doing everything. Then somehow I came to a place where I surrendered and began to walk fully in spirit. This is where I began to realize that I was being shifted into areas that would be useful to others. 

When I was in a place of spiritual clarity, meaning; all within my soul was clear of physical and emotional baggage, I noticed I was able to harness and hold the energy of universal and conditional Love. Love being a motivating power moved me to interact with people on a level that actually facilitates healing. And so I became a certified spiritual healer.

The teaching aspect is showing up in my life with a leaning toward quantum physics and metaphysics. I know that I was spiritually directed to metaphysics, because what I thought I should learn first (Reiki) fell off my radar. When I walked into my first class and sat down I actually heard: “Remember you are supposed to learn this?” I also had the same impetus as when I sat in the first week of flight attendant training twenty years ago, knowing that one day I would become an inflight instructor. So from the start, I am learning the concepts of metaphysics not only to become a practitioner, but to also teach it to others.

Learning metaphysics first is the foundation for understanding the fundamentals of quantum physics. It is a scientific mode of understanding our place in the universe. They go hand in hand. The beauty about our expanding consciousness is that it builds on information and I noticed it appears to be part of an unfolding universal lesson plan of sorts. This is how one can tell that physical life is a distinct mirror to our spiritual and energetic life as far as education. You must take certain ‘subjects’ first to advance through the curricula. The most amazing thing is the learning never stops.

I usually try to convey to others that a purpose in life, something you know deep in your soul you feel moved or called to do is not a linear process for some of us. Some people actually know exactly what their contribution is to the expanding collective consciousness. It is as if these people came in and immediately were moved into position and all their lives were consistent in one thing. Some of us have to have the layers of the purpose onion peeled back over time. But when you do discover what your calling is, you will develop a laser like focus, a solid determination and a whole hearted dedication to your purpose.

People have also asked: “But what if I don’t know what is my life purpose?”  Believe me, you do know, you may not have come into full realization of it as yet. As long as you are a thread in the grand matrix of consciousness, you are going to contribute to it in one way or another.

Oprah Winfrey is a perfect example of someone whose purpose unfolded right before our very eyes. She started out as a journalist and a reporter and eventually host of her own show. When her spirit started to shift (awaken) people like Deepak Chopra and Gary Zukav showed up in her life. Interactions with people operating from the next level of consciousness began to do its work on her awareness.

Eventually she became someone who pulled people of differing minds together to present advanced thoughts to others. This is her purpose and she has said so herself. It unfolded over time. And because of Oprah, she has raised the awareness level of others in the process.

Do you see how when you discover why you are here, and begin living it fully, how it over flows to others?

Raising awareness is an important task. You are basically working in tandem with creation. You are a creator. You are also either expanding individual or collective spiritual knowledge, and those experiences that come along with it or constricting it. You are moving forward in knowledge when you are doing anything that is aligned to your purpose. Your life tends to become more focused and develops a deeper meaning.

If you look back over the time you have spent directing energy purposefully, you will see amazing progress and growth in your life. You will see a demarcation of an old way of living to a new way of Being. You will begin to see with much clarity the things that are truly important. You are creating a legacy imprint on the Universe. You are leaving a mark and blazing trail behind you. You are making a difference!

The spiritual awakening is much more than just suddenly becoming aware. It is an active process with the promise of infinity being attached to the experience. Just consider this one life you are living right now. Do you have enough time to do, or to learn everything you want to? Then maybe this is an endless, everlasting opportunity for constant growth. Once you come into that realization and the crux of the awakening of your spirit, you may just jump on your purpose train and enjoy the amazing ride.

Be inspired.

Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit. Live IN LOVE. This is the Divine Life.

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