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Dear Readers...Things Are Going To Change.

The journey is never linear. It is a path that once stepped upon, continues to twist and turn, expand and grow in unlimited ways. As one makes progress toward enlightenment, which is the journey of shifting from the physical world to the Spiritual, flashes of light in the form of Divine Direction beam forth.

It feels like a consistent realization of Truth. One moment you are at a marker on your journey. Next, you discover something about your experience you have never seen before. As you peer closely at these instances, you will see that nothing is an accident and that there is something bigger behind it all.

Thirty days of focused mediation, reflection and solitude, resulted in another spiritual discovery about Vivadivine and its position in my life. I have always been very aware of its constant metamorphosis and allow for spiritual direction to lead me in this endeavor. However, close to the end of this introspective time, the dots connected again for me. I realized another factor …

VIDEO: Spiritually Awakening and Beyond!

Catching up after a hiatus to share what has been unfolding for the past few years.
Get ready everyone. We are all in for an amazing ride in the expansion of individual, collective and universal consciousness.