Dear Readers...Things Are Going To Change.

The journey is never linear. It is a path that once stepped upon, continues to twist and turn, expand and grow in unlimited ways. As one makes progress toward enlightenment, which is the journey of shifting from the physical world to the Spiritual, flashes of light in the form of Divine Direction beam forth.

It feels like a consistent realization of Truth. One moment you are at a marker on your journey. Next, you discover something about your experience you have never seen before. As you peer closely at these instances, you will see that nothing is an accident and that there is something bigger behind it all.

Thirty days of focused mediation, reflection and solitude, resulted in another spiritual discovery about Vivadivine and its position in my life. I have always been very aware of its constant metamorphosis and allow for spiritual direction to lead me in this endeavor. However, close to the end of this introspective time, the dots connected again for me. I realized another factor of the big picture and it resulted in a watershed moment of profound gratitude.

You see, when I was given this name; “Vivadivine”, and started using it as a platform to share the nuances of spiritual awakening and the road to enlightenment, I knew that there was no accident behind this. When metaphysics showed up in my life as a foundational teaching (which I hope to share with others), I realized that even prior to its introduction into my life I had been speaking the concepts all on my own. I was pulling the information from Spirit speaking in those terms but not really fully know what IT was. I have mentioned this before in a previous post.

But it was not until I was studying a chapter in my course book did I put it all together. You see, metaphysics is a study of all things beyond the physical or relative world (meta- physical) and how we are all of that. The Divine Mind which is absolute and unchangeable in Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence is who we are. From the Divine Mind we always have access to Divine Ideas such as Love, Power, Faith, Life, Wisdom, etc. Metaphysics is an introduction to these concepts and shows us that when we live by them we are basically walking in Spirit.

So, as I was reading this particular chapter and was delving deeper into the concepts, I realized: “Holy Cow! I am really living this. I AM living a Divine Life. I AM Vivadivine!” I am living by divine standards, laws and principles. I have seen and experienced everything is already there and that once I cleared my mind and life of hindrances, limitations and programming, everything I have asked for has emanated or is constantly manifesting in my life.

I certainly feel that I am a walking vessel of divine love, causeless happiness, joy and peace. I feel a Oneness with everything and everyone. I seek the Good in all things. I endeavor to live from my Highest Mind and I experience all that is within it. Make no bones about it, I walk my talk!

I have been adhering to something similar as this for the majority of my life, but I have completely expanded my awareness since releasing a lot of doctrine and dogma a few years ago. Is it a coincidence that the random name my friend called me years ago was a premonition of things to come? Was it a just sheer destiny that I would actually live up to that name? Is it just by chance I am walking the talk of living divinely connected to all that there IS? Why has Metaphysics suddenly shown up in my life? 

This brought me to the realization that I was missing am important facet of Divine Living when it comes to Vivadivine. I have struggled over the years as to how much to share of my life when it comes to social media. I recently removed all traces of myself from the personal side of online exposure. I no longer have a desire or need for it in my life. 

Sure, I speak about my experiences on Vivadivine, but beyond that I rarely share day-to day instances of the life that I live. I have always said that Vivadivine is a vehicle for the Spirit and that it was not about me. But that flies in the face of The Absolute Truth that Oneness is a fundamental attribute of the Divine Spirit. By separating myself from Vivadivine I am in essence out of sync with the Universe and what is asks of me. I have vacillated over this situation before. But now I know this must change, and it will. 

As always with expanding consciousness things are going to change. As much as I am building a very private life outside of this spiritual assignment, it is time to show people the effects of living connected to your divinity. It is also time to share how others who are walking this path also live. We are going to share with others what is unfolding on a personal and collective level, to assure you that there is truly an awakening going on, that people are shifting and that they are expanding into their Highest Selves.

It is time to fully discover what we really are and fearlessly embrace it. We are living in a truly momentous time in terms of raising our consciousness to a place where it has never been before! I look forward to celebrating with more of you as you come "online" in Spirit. Stay tuned!

Live in Awareness
Live In-Spirit
Live IN Love

I AM Vivadivine. I AM living The Divine Life.


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