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Inspired By Focused Folk!

I find people who are self-aware and living from that angle extremely fascinating. I have an intense attraction to those who've discovered what they are and are living on purpose! These beings are a huge inspiration to me. Being around them just adds to my confirmation about life: that it is a journey of spirit. It is an unveiling of what we truly are!

These are your everyday people who have a defined focus about life. They'll tell you that they realized the importance of doing some type of work that affects the lives of others. They place energy on the areas of their lives that are going, growing and flowing. They know they are here to fulfill a learning requirement and share this with others! They plan to leave this place fully spiritually vested.

Looking back on their lives even when they were entrenched in dimensional programming, they always seemed to be focused on purpose. Yes they built lives around education, family, work, etc. because they knew that's what they w…

Calling All Wayshowers!

It does not matter how aware you are, or how synchronized one feels with the Universe, the truth remains that we live in a very complicated world. To feel love and peace flowing through the soul effortlessly and to experience that energy through the actions of others is heartwarming. People are intrinsically good; however distortions of those very magnificent qualities create disharmony, mayhem and pain in so many lives in so many ways.

Sometime last year there was a heightened awareness within the spiritual community that more people were needed to become energetic buffers. As the energy of change began to take it hold, there has been a growing effort, not only in assisting others during their awakening, but to shift them into doing work that supports the expansion of consciousness.

It requires one to hold the line. Believe it or not when each person ascends and chooses to hold dynamic energy, it shifts everyone else. It takes a particular attitude to hold divine love, compassion, a…

Why Are You Here? Ad Infinitum

When we were younger, my best friend and I would lie on our backs on the floor, close our eyes and try to wrap our minds around the thought of the Alpha and Omega. Inevitably, we never got past a few seconds with this train of thought because it was so mind bending. It made our heads hurt. How does one imagine infinity, if all you have known is the temporary existence of the physical body?

Fast forward to today, and so much has changed. I can see and feel the infinite state of being from the past to this moment (now) and forward. When you come to the full understanding that the spirit is indestructible, you can see in your mind’s eye the future and you can feel it in your soul. 

The best way to describe how I came to this point was something I discovered in a moment of clarity. It unfolded as I was observing events surrounding the racial tensions that arose last year in this country. The events had sent me into a complete emotional meltdown, where I began to panic. It dawned on me th…

Why Are You So Impatient?

Patience is a virtue. It is a never ending exercise of the law of allowing. Survey says that we will more than likely continue to learn patience over the entire span of our lives. Patience is the lesson, but impatience is the teacher. Trust me I know this all too well. Allow me to explain.
In the learning and development world, there are a lot of nuts and bolts that go into developing curriculum and the courses that go along with teaching adult audiences. During the process, there are numerous people involved; all of whom have different agendas and responsibilities. If you asked any instructional designer (ID) what is the most challenging part of course design, the answer would be the interaction with subject matter experts (SMEs).
The job of an ID is to gather the necessary information needed for course material. Since most IDs are not experts in the particular subjects they are creating training for, they sometimes are at the mercy of SMEs. A SME not only supplies content, resourc…