Calling All Wayshowers!

It does not matter how aware you are, or how synchronized one feels with the Universe, the truth remains that we live in a very complicated world. To feel love and peace flowing through the soul effortlessly and to experience that energy through the actions of others is heartwarming. People are intrinsically good; however distortions of those very magnificent qualities create disharmony, mayhem and pain in so many lives in so many ways.

Sometime last year there was a heightened awareness within the spiritual community that more people were needed to become energetic buffers. As the energy of change began to take it hold, there has been a growing effort, not only in assisting others during their awakening, but to shift them into doing work that supports the expansion of consciousness.

It requires one to hold the line. Believe it or not when each person ascends and chooses to hold dynamic energy, it shifts everyone else. It takes a particular attitude to hold divine love, compassion, and to live in truth on a regular basis, as it is very easy to succumb to lower vibrational behavior. It is said that approximately only twenty percent of the world’s population is self-actualized. World history states that very few people reach enlightenment. You can count historical figures such as Jesus, Buddha and others in this lot.

The truth is every spirit on the planet has the opportunity and ability to ascend. However, the reality is that not very many believe that power is within them. Additionally, there are institutions, inherited individual pathological history and programming in place that hinders most from discovering the immense power that lies within them.

So for those who are diligently working on the truth of the soul, who are walking the path, it is a substantial responsibility to undertake to get in balance and stay in balance. They have to hold that energy, and not capitulate. Despite being faced with all the contradictions of the world, these people choose to display love, unconditionally. They will make the type of choices that further their personal growth, thus inciting others to grow in spirit.

It is certainly one thing to become aware or "woke", but it is another focus to put effort into a personal evolution. We can all post great stuff online and be positive when the going gets rough. However awareness grows with impact and application. The best impact is living a life that is obviously aligned with Universal Laws and Divine Order. By living in spiritual alignment and it's authenticity, others will see a consistent way of thinking and behavior that creates a spark within them.

A spiritual awakening and subsequent ascension is a “calling to a walking”. It is not religious. It is not dogmatic, nor threaded with ideology. It is coming into a realization that we are powerful and that the spirit wants to grow above and beyond.

Events rapidly unfolding in the world, that we are bombarded with due to a twenty-four hour news cycle, are occurring to shift people into awareness. The adjustments that people are making in their personal lives are a direct result of the higher self initiating a prodding of the soul that is not living at its highest potential.  There is a pervading energy of fear that is fighting back against a spiritual revolution. The focus now is to be a potent sounding board for others; to hold a divine space for others to move into.

So if you have awakened, consider that there is a bigger reason. What are you doing? What is your purpose? What can you do to actively contribute to the collective expansion of consciousness?

We are all wayshowers in the making. There is a lot of work to do. Continue to grow in-spirit, awareness and love. Walk and talk that Divine Life.


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