Inspired By Focused Folk!

I find people who are self-aware and living from that angle extremely fascinating. I have an intense attraction to those who've discovered what they are and are living on purpose! These beings are a huge inspiration to me. Being around them just adds to my confirmation about life: that it is a journey of spirit. It is an unveiling of what we truly are!

These are your everyday people who have a defined focus about life. They'll tell you that they realized the importance of doing some type of work that affects the lives of others. They place energy on the areas of their lives that are going, growing and flowing. They know they are here to fulfill a learning requirement and share this with others! They plan to leave this place fully spiritually vested.

Looking back on their lives even when they were entrenched in dimensional programming, they always seemed to be focused on purpose. Yes they built lives around education, family, work, etc. because they knew that's what they were "supposed" to do.

But somewhere in the equation they say that there was always a nagging feeling that there was more to this life. There was a sense that life was more than birth, life in the middle and then death. They came into a higher awareness of Something More. It was a knowledge of something deeper and richer swimming under the surface!

Everyone I know who has successfully made this shift, tell me that life makes much more sense now. Since coming into awareness of the truth of the Soul they can look back and see how life felt somewhat limited. Beyond the house, the job, the cars, the kids, vacations, that life, there was something else they were meant to discover. They tell me that they never realized how deeply programmed they were into believing that things outside of themselves would make them happy!

We can't take stuff with us when we move on. But what we can take are the memories, the lessons we learned, the triumphs of our spirit that we have earned while we were here! We take with us the knowledge that we fulfilled a requirement for the growth of our spirit. and by doing so, we also inspire others to do the same.

If you're living a self-actualized life, just remember when you observe others, they are on that same road to discovery. Consider their pace and practice compassion. It's very challenging to break through the illusion, because most people are not even aware they are experiencing one.

The best one can do to help others is to consistently live in the truth of what you are. You are an energetic spirit-being encapsulated in flesh and bones. Your spirit is experiencing a physical existence. You are here to grow more into your spirit. You are here to evolve into the next experience all designed for your spiritual maturity. When you fully recall this you'll begin to live more in your truth.

I've come to understand that once we truly know what we are, we will embrace it and behave like it. It will be so evident to others and if it's their time to come fully into that knowledge, we will be a catalyst for them. Overall, the awareness that we are more than just our bodies and following the curiosity as to why, seems to make everything in life fall into place and make more sense. Life feels bigger, more fun and meaningful! 

So continue to live unwavering in awareness, spirit, and love.

This is how we live a Super Divine Life.



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