A Few Words Of Encouragement.


There are days when I find myself thanking the lady who hit me with her SUV. I know, it sounds absolutely ludicrous that I should be elated over the fact that I could have been killed on that sunny February day in 2010.

But if not for that event, I would not be here. As a matter of fact, I do not know where I would be. I believe the Universe is truly in the swing of things when it comes to the unfolding of our lives. But if I had not been stopped from the direction I was going back then, I often wonder: Would I still be alive? The thought makes me shudder.

It was during lunch with a friend who I have not seen in years, and with whom I was catching up, that it really hit me as to how far I have come. From the day I was told: “You are ascending”; to where I am today is actually quite miraculous. My life is living proof of the power of manifestation. Everything I have said I wanted to achieve I have. That proof is what propels me forward toward the fulfillment of the rest of my dreams.

I meet people every day who are experiencing a spiritual awakening. They reach out to me and share their stories. While there are slight nuances between many of these sharing moments, one thing remains the same and it is this: The unfolding is very real. I encourage others to embrace the experience, all the good and not so good.

I let them know the one thing that I wish I had known early on that there is nothing to fear but fear itself on this journey. 

Once you stop being afraid of what you are going through, the experience becomes somewhat amazing. I become excited for them because I know that everything I went through, every tear I cried, every release I had to go through, has resulted in triumph. I know if they trust what is unfolding in their lives, the same can happen to them.

If you are having an awakening, I am here to tell you that this was meant to happen to you. Once you “wake up”, it really is downhill from there. It may be difficult to see that as you start to shed a life that you thought you knew. Just remember, something much bigger is leading the way. You will fare better if you surrender, but then again, you won’t have a choice in the matter up to a point.

You will surrender, once you realize that you cannot keep one foot in the old way of things and have the other one being dragged by the Universe. Once you shift both feet over and decide to trust the walk, you will see how fast and more fluid things become.

Today, things in my life are much simpler. Life is happy, quiet, peaceful and shocker: drama free. My purpose has expanded in ways I could not even imagine. I have a connection to spirit that blows my mind. I hardly worry about things, and I stay in the flow. And because of that I am constantly being led in the right direction.
So hang in there! Again, trust the journey! Know that if this is unfolding in your life, there is a beautiful purpose to it. Know that there are those in the physical and spiritual worlds who are supporting you in so many ways. Believe that you can live in awareness, inspiration and love.

You are more powerful and beautiful than you know, and this whole unfolding personal phenomenon is here to show you just that! Embrace the journey!

Check out some of the early videos on Vivadivine Youtube. You can hear about the early stages of my life changing journey. You will notice the changes that have happened over time due to my shifting consciousness! And that's only half of what has happened to me! Wait till you hear the rest! Hint: I live in spirit! 

Till next time...much love and giggles!


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