Returning To Love

Each day somewhere in the world someone is rising to the fullness of their divinity. Out there in this amazing world, someone is taking the first step back to divine love. A spirit is moving closer to discovering the beauty within. As one rises, the light that is inside begins to radiate and shine; thus shedding light on everyone else around them and lighting many paths.

There are people who are taking the first steps to recognizing the patterns and paradigms that have been playing out in their lives. Somewhere high above in another state of consciousness, they have already completed this action and it is now trickling down to the level of realization. Success is guaranteed. Any time we make a step that is best for our soul; we are working with divine order. At this phase, there is excitement, mixed with a little fear of the unknown. However nonetheless, a process has begun on this level and over time momentum toward self-actualization increases.

There are those souls who are in mid-stream. They are in that stage of awareness where once they have identified the obstacles on the path to love are now actively working to dismantle them. What is most amazing for these people is that they now see how clearly mired they were in their thinking. As they start to utilize the energetic tools that were always there, but are now more easily accessible, they begin to feel more empowered on their walk. There is a great deal of energy being expressed at this point in the journey.

There is the constant release of old energy, being mixed with dynamic energy seeping into the soul. There is great change and awareness occurring at the same time. They are removing their spirits from what no longer feeds the soul.  Despite feeling the pull from those they are shifting from, they forge ahead, as they see the big picture unfolding. They know that their determination and soul focus affects everyone who is connected to them.

Eventually there is a point where things settle down. The energies of sense consciousness are balanced along with the energy of universal laws that the soul is now re-adapting to.  Those who are at this stage of ascension can clearly look back, and see and feel the difference between now and a former life. It is almost astonishing how different things are today. True peace, joy and love coming from within the self are evident and consistent. The idea of conflict seems very foreign at this point. A sense of oneness with all that there is begins to grow. Because this phase can be so mind blowing in experience, one tends to just want to sit and enjoy it.

And then there is the cusp of something amazing. It is a place where you can experience the potentiality of the spirit. There is a beckoning to take enormous leaps of faith. This is the place where you really understand completely that you ARE a spiritual being, in a physical body, having an experience in creative consciousness and you are in control of it all. It is here that you have constant reminders of your spiritual self. This can unfold as spiritual interactions with others on higher dimensions. 

You can manifest more decisively at this point. You have a greater tendency to only do what is good, for self and for the whole. You are observing life more versus absorbing it. You've rediscovered the nature of healthy detachment. You live in a state of allowing and that in essence brings everything that is part of your soul’s education to you. You feel balance, because you are no longer engaging in karmic experiences. You feel whole because your vibration closely matches the Divine Source. You are walking in the power and truth of your spirit.

These are just some of the stages that we all go through on the journey of our soul. There are some that precede these and there are many that are higher. The point is, everyone on this planet is ascending at differing rates. When you observe someone behaving in a way that you think is “wrong” or unloving consider that at some point in your spiritual existence here, you were that person having that very experience. Your ability to see it and no longer experience it is evident of your transcendence. Your realization of that truth is an important lesson. It is a soul directive to develop compassion for all people no matter where they are on their journey. Everyone is and was at some point you!

When you cross paths with someone who exudes divine energy in a way that is breathtaking, know that you too will reach that space at some point in time. Become excited at the prospect of your spirit soaring higher.

Sit in these moments along the way, whether they are long and reflective, or fleeting, and celebrate your Self. The moments of this grand adventure are truly amazing. In the highs and lows of it all, there is a place that our souls are being slowing pulled toward. And in each every tug, it gets better, brighter, lighter and more magnificent.

Trust the journey every step of the way. This is the calling of your soul! It is returning to its longing. It is returning to Love.

Live in awareness, in-spirit and love. Celebrate the divine life.



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