The Connective Meditation Practice: Step By Step.

Below are the individual steps to the meditation practice shared in the video post below.

Step 1:
Preparation for meditation practice.

Choose an appropriate time, mornings are preferred, where one will not be disturbed. Keep whatever time you decide to meditate as consistent as possible.
Choose an appropriate location to conduct this practice, as this will become your sacred space.
Sit in a chair which allows the spine to be held straight. You may utilize a cushion for the mid/lower back area for comfort.
Sit slightly forward, with shoulders back. This helps with gently opening the chest space.
Place hands on thighs in either the receptive position (palms up) or palms down on thighs.
Feet should be flat on the floor with the toes facing forward.
Close your eyes.
Relax. Feel the cares for the moment fall away.
Take a moment to reflect on the purpose behind your meditation. Become quietly excited about the prospect of connecting with your Higher Power, Universe, Divine Spirit or what you hold as God.

Step 2:
Relaxation (Deep breathing)-7 Minutes

Breathe in from through the nose, filling the diagram and belly.
Breathe out through the nose.
Inhale to the count of four.
Exhale to the count of eight.
Repeat for seven minutes focusing on the breath especially the exhalation through the nose.

Step 3

Move your awareness or focus to the space between your eyebrows. Gently hold your focus at that space.
If you sense your concentration shifting, gently bring it back to its focal point.

Step 4
Introduction of the Mantra

A mantra is a five to seven affirmative phrase that is personal to you. This phrase is what you will repeat inwardly. Some examples of mantras can be found here.
Holding your concentration, go within to the deepest part of your body and begin to quietly and gently repeat your mantra. Feel the truth of the words permeating every cell in your mind, body and spirit.
Between each repetition of the mantra give attention to your breathing. Allow the words to come up on their own, leaving space in between each inner phrasing. This space in between the phrasing is where the silence will begin to grow.
If you find that in between each phrasing your thoughts begin to wander, bring your awareness back to your mantra.

Step 5
Entering and sitting in The Silence

As you still your mind with the mantra you will be able to fall into The Silence. You do not enter into this place of stillness, non-awareness, no thoughts or time by force.
Practicing this meditation on a regular basis will allow you to slip into The Silence with ease.
Be gentle on yourself.
Once you enter into this space, just be still.

Step 6

You will feel a natural urge to come out of The Silence.
Take a moment to feel gratitude for the ability to dwell in this special moment of meditation

Step 7

Slowly bring yourself back to awareness.
Gently move your extremities.
Sit for moment or two before exiting your sacred space.


See The Connective Meditative Practice (Condensed Version) below.
Right click and Save.
A full .pdf version of the meditation is available here

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