Upcoming Offerings: Tools and Tips For Highly Sensitive People.

"To understand what a person is feeling makes you empathetic. 
To actually feel another person's emotions in your own body makes you an Empath."

I am not fond of labels. However there's one that I just cannot deny and it is Empath. As a highly sensitive person, I not only understand deeply what a person is going through, I can actually feel a person's energy or emotions within my energetic and emotional bodies.

This condition is both a blessing and a challenge. As an energy worker, I tend to be very open and my spirit is mostly clear. I can identify my own feelings. I can clearly tell when I have shifted moods within my being. But it can be very disconcerting to be in a calm and relaxed state and feel the racing heartbeat of another person. 

I've felt the sadness, depression and anxiety of other people. I've felt people when they were high on drugs! I've started crying because someone was going through emotional turmoil! It can even happen at great distances! My extra sensory perception is on the high end of the energy scale.

Because of this I've developed specific tools and methods that I use to protect my spirit or when I pick up vibes from other people. If I don't use proactive measures to protect my aura, I notice I become distracted, and unsettled. In the worst case scenario, I am unable to work with others in a healing capacity when I'm holding another person's energy within mine. So these tools have become a life saver for me. Since applying them in a consistent and conscientious manner, I have been able to create a more balanced and calm spiritual environment.

You may not have such acute experiences as I do. You may not even realize that you are picking up the energy of other people when your mood suddenly changes. Because of this I am going to share with you some of the ways you can protect myself. 

Some of these techniques are radical, some may seem odd, but they work. If you choose to use them, they may become part of your life practice. These tips help to keep me balanced in an ever changing and emotional world. I am sure they will help you too. I have been sharing my methods with my close friends and I am going to share the whole gamut with all of you.

So stay tuned. Watch this space and Vivadivine YouTube. That’s where I will share these tips.  There will also be a downloadable info graphic that you can keep with you as a reference tool!

I'm sure you'll find that incorporating these in your life will be of great benefit to your spirit!

Until the next time, continue to live in awareness, in-spirit and love.


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