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Six Identifying Marks Of The 3D Relationship.

Recently, my friends and I have been observing a growing trend on social media. There seems to be a few men who in their growing awareness are sharing The Man Code with their female followers. This is helping many of these women come into the awareness that these very relationships that they have been desperately trying to maintain are actually built to break.  
These are the low vibrational relationships or third dimensional interactions that have increased over time. This is due to a reverse in the male and female energy interaction. That scenario itself would need a whole different post to explain. However, in this first of a two part series, we wanted to share some of the markers of a 3D relationship. While this is not a comprehensive list, these are the ones that really stood out to us. It is also important to stress that it is both sexes who are embroiled in this spiritually toxic dance. There is no blame game here.

Check out the identifiers below:
1.Conditional Love: When we l…