Six Identifying Marks Of The 3D Relationship.

Recently, my friends and I have been observing a growing trend on social media. There seems to be a few men who in their growing awareness are sharing The Man Code with their female followers. This is helping many of these women come into the awareness that these very relationships that they have been desperately trying to maintain are actually built to break.  

These are the low vibrational relationships or third dimensional interactions that have increased over time. This is due to a reverse in the male and female energy interaction. That scenario itself would need a whole different post to explain. However, in this first of a two part series, we wanted to share some of the markers of a 3D relationship. While this is not a comprehensive list, these are the ones that really stood out to us. It is also important to stress that it is both sexes who are embroiled in this spiritually toxic dance. There is no blame game here.

Check out the identifiers below:

1.       Conditional Love:
When we love someone from a place of selfishness with expectations and restrictions it is conditional. This form of love sounds like: “I will do for you,  if you do for me and if you do not, I will withhold love!”
This type of love is a distortion of Divine Love because it is mostly mired between the conscious and subconscious mind.  Therefore, there tends to be repetitious cycles unless the patterns are broken and full access to the superconscious mind is available.

2.       Expectation/Validation:
This happens when we are dependent on the relationship or the other person to make us feel that we are important, or have arrived at a certain stature as far as having a relationship. While interdependence can encourage others to express in a healthy way how we are of valuable to them, dependency for validation is the extreme.

3.       Manipulation/Control/Codependency/Lack of Freedom:
Using mind or emotional games to steal power from the other person and keep them in an unhealthy relationship. At times verbal and physical abuse can show up when someone is trying to control the person or relationship. Insecurity, jealousy and possessiveness or passive-aggressive behavior can become elements of the relationship.

4.       The Relationship is the purpose:
The sole purpose of the person’s life becomes the relationship. They get lost in the other person’s world. Efforts are over- amplified to please, placate or make comprises of certain values in order to keep the person in the situation. The relationship tends to be unbalanced in power.

5.       Focus on the soul mate ideal:
At times there may be a tendency to idealize a person into making them the soul mate. There is a forcing of the relationship to fit a certain paradigm all while suspending the unhealthy aspects of the situation.  Some may think that intense love is a sign of soul mate/twin flame relationship. Self-reflection of such intense emotions usually reveal an undercurrent of a distorted view of love.

6.       Misinterpretation of lust as love:
Lust tends to be a strong sexual desire. Great sex does not equate to love which expands beyond the physical interaction. Love is a spiritual bonding energy that is there beyond the physical. People can fall in love with the euphoric nature of sex and not truly develop a deeper connection, but somehow think they have.

The interesting point to all this is that most of us will at some point in our journey experience a low vibrational relationship experience. It is inevitable for the most part because we are operating in a mostly third dimensional environment. It is as if we have to experience what we do not want, to discover what we truly need in order to grow.

Most of us were not taught to make sure that before we enter into relationships we are whole, balanced and complete. We tend to enter into situations with others with a fairytale mentality and think it should all fall into place when it is the very opposite that happens with most of us. It is when we intrinsically sense that we are not in the right place that we begin to wander. We keep thinking it is another person that we are yearning for when in truth we are yearning for our true Self.

For some, it takes one instance in a third dimensional relationship to figure things out, while for others it may take multiple partners to get to that place where one gets tired. We have to feel the loss, pain, frustration, heartache, disappointment, numbness of a lower vibration relationship, in order to reach for something higher. When we grow weary of having to do extremely hard “work” that we think our relationships have to endure, the soul then begins to seek answers and discovers a little thing called self-love.

Before any of us can have that relationship we keep seeking, we have to have it with ourselves first.

In part two of the series we will discuss the process of self-love and how it leads to the opportunities to have the type of relationships that are spiritually and emotionally healthier, collaborative, expansive and that truly feeds the soul. There is even the possibility to for a couple to heal through a 3D relationship to a much higher dimensional one! 

The amazing part behind all of this is that we are experiencing a shift that is leading many to enjoy these kinds of relationships.

So keep living in awareness, spirit and love. We are half way there!


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