Coming In The Air.

Can you feel it coming in the air?

There is quite a bit of dynamic energy accelerating in advance of the upcoming year. This month in particular is full of cosmic vibrations that will catapult many into another level of consciousness.

So what is going on? There are five planets in retrograde:  Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then we had the Lion’s Gate Portal open this month. There was a lunar eclipse on August 7th and coming up on the 21st will be a hugely anticipated solar eclipse.

If you are sensitive enough you are probably feeling the convergence all these energetic events. Even people who are not as aware of the connection we have with all that there is have been commenting on the increase in energetic activity. It is a very important period of time. Word on Universal Street is that there will be a substantial shift in consciousness in 2018.

This is why we are seeing some interesting events unfolding in the world. The energies that are increasing are creating opportunities for wounds, or sores of the collective psyche to come to the surface, to be addressed and healed.

On a personal level some may experience emotional triggering. For instance; you may suddenly experience situations that bring up emotions that you thought you had addressed a long time ago. You may have been on a great wave of “feel good” vibes for a while and suddenly your life is turned upside down. You may have been going in one direction and next there is a change in plans that you did not appear to execute. But more importantly you may easily find that your life path has opened up in very surprising ways.

Prior to this shift in energy, an amazing book fell into my lap. Oddly, it seemed to highlight the exact place in life where I was in at the time. I am glad that I read about the possibilities of emotional triggering that happens during an energy surge, because it happened to me. A longtime friend triggered something I have not felt in years: rage.   Yes, yours truly the inner peace guru lost her temper in public so acutely that I was reduced to tears. It was so bad, I had to call somebody to come and get me! The situation sent waves of heat shooting out of my feet chakras; that I had to soak them in a cool Epsom salt bath when I got home. The energy from that moment had me laid up in bed for twenty-four hours.

But it was necessary for me to have that happen, because I had been internalizing a lot of resentment over the years concerning my friendship with this person. All of that energy needed to come to the surface to be addressed. In that moment of reflection while trying to get back to a place of balance, I realized the bigger lesson was again to release what was creating disharmony in my life. Since that incident, more opportunities have surfaced to stir inner residue to come up to the top, resulting is a releasing of these persons with love.

The energy gap between people is also widening. There is a clear distinction growing between those who are living in fear and struggling with their ascension and those who are rapidly shifting deeper into awareness and love. There are also some in the middle ground. And the next big shift will either place them two steps forward or two steps back. That in-between state will be very uncomfortable.
It will be a struggle to harness the vibrant energy that others are holding. 

The people that have been increasing in vibration are in a space of great advancement and are moving forward. If any of the people in the middle ground were using another person as a source of energy, they will begin to suffer spiritual dehydration. Those sources are beginning to become unavailable to them. At the same time there will be full awareness that what is behind them, lower vibratory people and situations, is all that will be available to them. That is a scary place to be as it is a place of spiritual starvation.

The path of enlightenment, which simply is a growing knowledge of the True Self, entails a bit of work. Many people awaken, grasp some insights, but fail to become actively involved in activities that would progressively shift the soul. That is why you will hear someone speak from a space of awareness at times, but will also express frustration about the way of the world. These people are still looking outward for the answers and solutions that plague society. They have not arrived at that place of realization that the change they are seeking truly lies within them and extends out. 

They may have shifted to some extent but still struggle with inner issues because of a lack of conscious dedication to the awareness that is trying to naturally expand. They simply avoid doing consistent soul work. Some are afraid of what others may think if they take that next quantum leap. Some are attached to distractions that are fueled by the collective illusion. Whatever the case may be, these people are going to be harshly snapped into reality in one direction or another.

On the other hand those holding a higher awareness can see past the illusions we are all consciously creating in order to help our souls learn and grow. These people are experiencing their lessons at a rapid rate. I have seen people get presented with a soul lesson and transcend it in less than two weeks. The same lesson that took others years to master is now being completed in a shorter timeframe. But these are people who are aware and paying attention to everything, and every person who is crossing their path. They are not distracted, and in some cases, they are growing in awareness of what is unfolding in their lives every day.

From a higher perspective, many can see the gap widening more next year on many levels. Love is taking over. Those who live in fear are fighting tooth and nail against it. The distinctions will be blatantly clear. There will be people who will be calm in the middle of the storm, and by the way, I’ve seen the vortex that is heading our way in a dream. Let’s just say it will be pretty impressive.

After the month of August, life may feel like a slingshot moment for many. Towards the end of the year, the pace will pick up. It will suddenly be December. We will all be looking back at 2017 and wondering: “What just happened?”

So what can you do to ride the next big wave that’s upon us? Deepen your grounding practices. If your meditation practice has been inconsistent, just decide today to dedicate ten minutes daily to cultivating inner silence and connection. Allow things to grow from there.  Get outside in nature as much as you can. Try to spend less time on social media and/or watching the news. These two institutions while they can be useful in moderation, are some of the biggest traps that take our minds off of the evolution of ourselves.

Enjoy your solitude, but don’t lose touch with your friends. Energy tends to affect people differently, so there may be a bit of drifting apart from those you love. It will all balance out in the end. Focus on doing things that you love. Look for moments of laughter. Allow your Higher Self to integrate more fully into your life through your thoughts and choices. Find a way to help others.

Just know that things have to be rattled a bit before they settle down.  So remember: This too is already passing! Sit back and observe the world turn from a place of stillness and neutrality knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should! Seek to see the bigger picture that is behind all that there is.

Until the next time continue to live in awareness.


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