Darn Those Distractions!

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
- Zig Ziglar

Once you eliminate your distractions your focus becomes very clear. But it almost seems as if the moment a person makes a decision to place energy on something that is of vital importance, people or situations crop up to take attention away from it.

Have you ever had a crucial deadline at work and out of nowhere the entire office staff shows up in your space for random chit-chat? Pay attention. I noticed this with a tad bit of humor when I recently had a project that was due, now! I was super focused on what I was doing; smoke was coming out of my ears. But somehow, coworkers suddenly decided they wanted my ear on certain matters. I took the time to politely address one individual, only to have that person leave and for another to show up. After noticing the trend, I started to giggle. I promptly picked up my laptop, disappeared and located a vacant conference room so I could work in peace.  I even placed my status as “Do not disturb” so that folks would get my drift.

Even with personal relationships or friendships this too can occur. You will take the right course and distance yourself from certain people who are just bit off chart on their path, who create some form of disharmony in your life. But it seems like the minute you’ve created a space of peace and progression they will show up out of the blue to rope you back into their madness. It makes you wonder if there is some sort of scent you are emitting that says: “Come hither, and please bother me!”

I believe the best way to handle these instances is to be aware. Someone genuinely needing your help is understandable. As an empathetic person, I want to be there for others. However, people who have no direct correlation to your growth, create dysfunction or situations that can be easily resolved on their own, need to be sent in the proper direction.

It’s the same with your life purpose. When you are focused on what you are here to do, you are placing dynamic energy in that direction. Hence, people who are not on the same vein of thought will appear in your life and waste your time. Those who are living On Purpose understand the time frame in which things need to be accomplished. Seriously, I have about a good forty years to do what it is I am here to accomplish and I am also on the back end of life. So time is of the essence. The further along one is on the path, the more evident it is that these situations will tend to crop up. The faster you address them and create boundaries the quicker you will move in the right direction.

People, who are aware of why they are here, do not have the time to sacrifice valuable energy on situations that are not contributing to the progression of their spiritual growth. Dynamic energy is accelerating and those who are wide awake can feel and sense it. We are in full action mode, focused and directed! We just don't have to play frivolous games or aimlessly shoot the breeze! Even when we are having fun, it's fun with a purpose! Ha! 

But, I have come to realize that sometimes those who are not actively working out their soul’s purpose see what we are doing as some mere ‘thing’ or hobby. I have had someone devalue what I am being directed to do. While I do not take it personally, I can fully understand why they would feel this way. If a person is spending time just going through the motions of life, how can they truly relate to the force that is pushing some of us into our highest selves?

This journey requires active participation. As I observe those who inspire me, who are on the same path I have heard similar stories. They have always been a great source of encouragement.  They support  my growing awareness by telling me what they see as the things that can easily derail my efforts. It is through them I have adopted the approach that if it’s not going, growing or flowing with what I am doing, it needs to be outside of my frame of reference. The great part about this knowledge is that it creates clarity. So what IS supposed to be inside my sphere arrives with ease and flow. I have noticed what does come into my world adds to what I am doing. It also builds and supports my endeavors and adds more harmony to my overall efforts.

When people appear on my horizon, or they bring situations to me I internally ask myself if this will add or take away from my purpose. My intuition is a strong guiding force in my decision. I immediately get a response, due to training my spirit to follow its path. And I listen! The last thing anyone wants in the times we live in is to have something introduced to our space and not pay attention and then a few steps down the road find ourselves completely off course.

The task of raising awareness is a serious undertaking. It is especially so if you have offered  yourself to be a part of the work of assisting in the unfolding of collective consciousness. You are being utilized for some important work and Spirit is serious when it comes to working with you. The more you accept of the assignment the more broadly the experience unfolds.

If this is your path, be aware and stay vigilant in your dedication. Not everything advantageous is good. Develop your knowingness so that you will see these distractions as they occur, so you can side step them with grace.

Till the next post…continue to live in love!



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