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Cause, Effect and Conscious Creation.

Most people would not believe that there is only one world. It is the spiritual world that operates on a powerful and creative consciousness. Within this world, a Divine Mind ideates, bringing into form a consciousness that includes everything we see, including me and you. We are all part of this consciousness, hence the concept that we are all One. Because we were created, and we are part of this great Mind, we can thus create.

Everything we see happens on the spiritual level first and then cascades down to the physical plane and materializes. Everything we see is a thought that has taken some type of form. To explain this, the next time you look at a skyscraper; remember that someone thought of that building. They saw it in their mind’s eye, the imagination, and then they decided to create it. Materials such as brick and mortar, items also thought by others, were used to create the structure. Workers showed up to put together the building. This happens from the highest to the lowes…