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The Universe Is A University!

I wrote a piece in September of last year about Earth being a learning environment for spirit beings. I was completely unaware at the time of the immense spiritual growth spurt I would have in exactly twelve months. Within that time frame I have learned more than I thought my brain could handle. It is becoming more clear each day at how amazing this spiritual education can be!  

In the last few years so much has unfolded that has convinced me that I am a student of life, that I am learning, and gratefully I seem to be passing with flying colors, albeit crashing a few times and having to rise like the Phoenix! There are so many ideas that have become very enlarged in life for me. One of the fundamental exercises that keeps expanding in my world, is that everything around us is energetic. In essence we exist in a powerful substance where our minds create form or matter. I know this from my mental experiences in the fourth dimensional mindset, where for instance, I can “see” my cellphon…