Affirmative Prayer: Divine Guidance.

An Affirmative Prayer for Divine Guidance. 

I am always surrounded by the power of love. This is the essence of what God is. It is in this place I immerse myself in faith and trust, knowing that at all times all things are unfolding for my highest good.

Before me lies a grand adventure and a journey of the spirit. As I walk this path I am always divinely guided. Every decision that I make on this path is full of wisdom and truth. In the quietness and stillness of my mind, I know that I am deeply connected to a Superb and Omnipotent Mind. From this mind, all Divine Ideas that are beneficial to this decision before me are now filtering and easing gently into my Soul! I am completely surrendered to this perfect guidance. All my steps are now divinely guided and all blessings from this decision henceforth will flow to and through me and will also bless others.

I am grateful for every perfect blessing that comes my way. For all that I have received that has brought me to this moment of affirmation, I express a deep gratitude. I am grateful for all that unfolds beyond this moment. As I sit in gratitude for the gift of being one with all that there is, I release myself to the magnificence to the superlative power of what God is, knowing that the decision I must now make is complete and good!

It is done and so be it!


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