Hello 2018! Hello Life!

Welcome to 2018 and hello to an upgraded version of you!

So many of you have been working diligently over the last few years, pruning and clarifying your spirit of those lower vibrations that you have been creating with. Now, all that hard work has paid off. 

Do you feel lighter in spirit? Are you more peaceful within your soul? Does your path seem more purposeful and are you more secure about the direction your life is going? A lot of people actually experienced a shift in consciousness during the last four months of 2017. Many of you are growing into the highest version of yourself that you never even thought was possible. You have left a lot of "stuff" behind because you cannot take it where your mind and spirit is going! This amazing journey is now running exactly as it was always meant to be, efficient and assured.

Back in 2011, when I walked away from everything that was weighing down my soul, I could have never anticipated how great life would feel today. I have a sense of real freedom because I am creating the life I always knew was standing in the wings of my existence. 
Along with a powerful energetic push from the universe, I somehow have been able to arrive at a place where I do not worry anymore about what is going to happen next in my life. I just surrender and allow all things to unfold exactly as they should.

My stress levels are low to nonexistent. I cannot recall the last time I even felt sad, about anything!  I experience an inner peace that curls my toes. My joy and happiness are unbounded and constant. My health is even better. It is not only my insides, my inner spirit that feels good, but it is also my outer world. It is colored with a love that I never knew existed. I have a powerful connection with the Universe and a deeper relationship with the spiritual world than when I was involved in organized religion.

Recently I was sharing with a classmate in a breakout session, the different roads I have walked that brought me to where I am today. He asked me what “programs” had I used that helped me. Programs? Well, I learned things along the way and yes, I was taught specific things directly by spirit. I learned to listen to divine guidance and utilize my intuition to direct every step in my life since 2014.

When I told my classmate this, he said: “Well that is a program.”  I had never thought deeply about it before, but I realized in that moment that I was being given a heads up from a higher voice through this person, and that maybe I needed to sit down and look at what I have accomplished in such a short space of time. Maybe I should look at what I have done as a program and share all the amazing things I have learned.

For example, between 2016 and 2017, I manifested accredited courses that are helping me to build a spiritual practice while being unemployed for fourteen months. The money showed up out of nowhere to carry me through that timeframe.

When things got dicey, I saw multiple miracles, and miracles a normal occurrence when your spirit is in alignment. So I was not surprised when I discovered how to create currency out of nothing. I learned through trial and much effort, how to speak to the universe in ways that I only receive what is my highest good. I realized I was “miscreating” in certain ways as I could see the patterns. Once I changed my thoughts and speech, everything would fall into place. As I learned to play along with the universe, people started showing up asking me to do this or to do that.  Opportunities to do more are constantly coming to me. I started to connect with people who are on the same wavelength as I am and we are taking things to the next level.

I also started to look at the lives of those I love, with whom I have been sharing my lessons. I noticed their lives had also changed. They too are more at peace and gaining a type of abundance of everything in their lives. They are making decisions that are in-flow with universal order. As we fine-tune this natural ability as spiritual beings in physical form, we are expanding our lives in ways we never have before.

2017 I completed my Seventh Seven. From the day we are born, we have seven-year cycles of spiritual growth. Looking back now I can see that I am on target. At age forty-two I had my life-changing accident, and from that moment my life took on a whole different trajectory. Vivadivine showed up in my life as a testimony for what I am here to do before I transition from what feels like a final excursion in the physical world.

I sat down and started writing out all the different steps I took from the time I had the accident until now. I am staying in states of deep meditation to ensure I am properly guided as to what I should write. Because I believe everything happens for a reason, I know that telling our stories helps and supports others. I have been supported by so many and I am grateful.

As I started putting the steps together and the things I have been taught by spirit, I realized that all of them are helping me to live a Divine Life. A divine life is one where you are connected, synchronized and aligned with all that there is that is powerful and good. It is a life where your mind and the Mind behind creation are One. It is living in a state of consciousness that is always growing and expanding!

A divine life for me is one that feels good. It may look or feel differently for you. Maybe you want a life that allows you to enjoy the physical manifestations of abundance. Maybe you desire a life where you can travel the world and explore. If you believe a life dedicated to serving others is highly important to you and a desire that comes from deep within your soul, then know you can create it! It is not so much the output that brings this all to you, it is the input, what is happening to you on the inside that harnesses the life that you dream of.

I have always said that there is something more to the spiritual awakening. Yes, there is this fantastic and sometimes painful side to it all. But from where I am standing to today, I can tell you unequivocally that there is a place where it becomes much bigger than the initial push of awareness. In that place is where we discover who we are, what gifts we have and what we are to do with them. It does not have to be a large endeavor, either. Whatever it is large or small, what it does is brings more love, joy, peace, purpose, and inspiration into your life. To achieve this, you have to get to your Highest Self and know that there is always more of you that can expand.

For those of you who are on the cusp of the momentous moment of your lives, let go and trust the process. Trust every purge and every experience that comes your way, even if painful, as it clarifies your spirit. This is the year where you really will see and feel the difference in your lives. It will feel effortless, fun and easy.

You will begin to feel the guidance that is within you and all around you. Life will feel good, for the first time for many of us. Allow your minds to open up to higher thinking and do not hesitate to release anything that vibrates lower then Divine Love. It is the most powerful force in our spiritual and physical universe.

Let this year be the year that you begin to live without bounds. Let this be the year you look back on your past and be grateful for everything that happened because it needed to unfold exactly as it did. Let this be the year where all your dreams are like the Universal Dream, the silent truth that is always there behind Life. The truth that life and being alive is really beautiful and all of us are on the path to discovering all that! So many lessons, with infinity to explore it all!

Have a happy new year and a happy spiritual life!



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