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Never Settle For Less!

Have you ever wondered why as a spirit being, you should noever settled for less? 
Because it goes against your inner knowing that you can have exactly what you are asking to experience. You are a creator and by settling you are obstructing your creative power.

Have you ever seen anyone truly happy when they have settled for something that falls short of their true desire? No. The truth is they are walking in an energetic state of dissatisfaction. Not very many people will admit that they are settling for something or someone less than what the truly want. A big reason is that the ego does not want to look bad. The ego is very proud. So instead of being authentic and truthful, we hide the fact that we are unhappy where we are. That only makes it harder for everyone else to live authentically.

I have settled once in a significant relationship. In truth, the other person, in essence, was doing the same thing too. Neither one of us was getting the very best of, or showing up for the oth…