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The State of Being. Part I

“Your unstoppable nature is becoming and blooming — you simply, are. Go easy.”  ― Bryant McGill

It’s not writer's block. It’s not a creative slump.  It’s something else. 

We spend so much time running, moving, and doing. If you have a goal, you are constantly working to make that dream or that focus come to fruition. I know I was there. Around this time last year, I was sitting on the phone about to take that step into life coaching training, when I stopped. Dead! It suddenly seemed like too much effort, just too much pushing. So I stepped back.

A lot of stuff happened in the springtime. The shamans (pacos) showed up. I learned new processes and cleared the heck out of my energy. I opened up to a lot of Reiki training. I felt clearer and brighter than I ever had before! Then it felt like the universe sent me on vacation. And I took the time off. It was in that space I noticed that my soul was consistently at peace. Nothing exterior was disturbing my inner space. 

I languished in that. …