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Transcending Fundamentalism

Recently I had the opportunity to sit in a workshop titled Transforming Fundamentalism. It was facilitated by Renae Cobb who is a licensed professional counselor and a Jungian Analyst. In a nutshell, the workshop helped me to clearly identify the belief system in which I grew up as one that is highly steeped in Christian Fundamentalism.

A few of the identifying marks of fundamentalism from Renae’s presentation notes jumped out at me. I found that I could easily relate to the belief system experience of:
A complex and rigid structure of religious rules.An environment where the rules apply to everyone, everywhere and other belief systems are wrong and evil.Men holding the roles of leadership and authority while women serve in subservient roles. A distinction between insiders who are nurtured and cared for and outsiders are cast off, shunned or fought against.The willingness to fight back against outside groups perceived to be a threat to their way of life, to fight for a set of beliefs …