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The State of Being is The Point of Creation

The State of Being is the optimum place of manifestation, actualization, and creativity. It is the state of flow. 
If you observe the beauty of creation and see the intricacies within, you will come to understand the Mind that ideated and the Power that brought it into existence. That Mind is always operating from a higher state, hence all the beauty that you see.
If you the spirit, in a physical vessel were to align yourself with the Higher Mind that creates, then you too will be able to achieve great things, with ease. 

When you are not in your Being State you are:

Trying to make things happen

These are states of spiritual imbalance and attachment to the Ego. You are Edging God Out of the equation and working from a place of limitation.
You are the Essence itself, the breath within is God and is of God. If you remember this and do the work to shed what is not of the Spirit, then you will even…

Opening Up To New Spaces! PODCAST

Welcome to the first episode of Vivadivine: The Divine Podcast!
This episode serves as an introduction, a synopsis of my journey and the purpose behind this podcast.
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Live in Love,

Opening Up To New Spaces!

Opening Up To New Spaces

At the close of 2018, many of you began crossing a dimensional threshold. The energies that you are now stepping into are much higher, more pure, even faster and hotter. It is a very intense time for you because your body also has to acclimate to the speed and at the same time adjust to the light (information) that is coming through very clearly.
Your alignment is being more fine-tuned. You are also feeling more balanced internally. You can hear the direction more clearly and you will know how to absorb the energies coming at you. You will also know when you need to rest.
This is a new curriculum. It is very different from the previous one. The last class you had to learn to trust, and surrender. You realized the importance of releasing all your attachments to situations and people that were standing in the way of your growth. Your willingness to evolve through this is what will set you up to fulfill your assignment and receive everything that is good for your soul.
You are about to le…