Vivadivine encourages peace, love, conscious living and a life of service!

In February of 2010 I was walking across the street at a mall, when I was struck by a lady driving an SUV. While my injuries were minor, the incident itself shook me up enough, to make me examine my life. In a forward flash vision, I saw myself on my death bed, sad and beleaguered. I knew from the vision that I saw, I had not truly lived. And in that moment of realization, I asked for my Happiness.

Exactly one year later, due to events that I had no hand in, my life shifted. I found myself leaving my fifteen year marriage, a job I had out grown and a deeply entrenched belief system.

Over a two year period between 2011 and 2013, I experienced odd physiological symptoms, that could not be diagnosed by medical doctors. However at the same time I was getting happier as the things that were weighing me down were being removed from my life. On the night of December 11, 2013 one of the happiest days of my life, I opened my heart in gratitude and offered to dedicate my life to helping just one person to hopefully feel the deep joy that I was experiencing. That night I received a powerful response to my dedication. Over a seven hour period I experienced my first full-blown interactive experience with non-physical energetic spiritual beings. It was after this event that I was told I was experiencing Accelerated Ascension.

Since then I have been in a progressive spiritual training program. Due to a fully open heart I have been able to accelerate my awareness and raise my consciousness, to a place where love, peace and joy are mainly consistent. By continually walking in Spirit I allow myself to be led to where they, the Team of Light, feel my talents will be best used.

Vivadivine is one avenue that is being used to assist in the Universal effort to raise spiritual awareness. There is more to the story. But this is where we will start for now. 2016 was a pivotal year as there are amazing energies filtering onto our planet to help in bringing us into we truly are: Spirits on a  Human Journey!

Vivadivine is set to step up to a be a part of this beautiful process. We are excited. This is a lifework!

We look forward to growing In-Spirit with you! We wish you infinite love and peace.

Live in Awareness
Live In-Spirit
Live in Love


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