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As you travel deeper into your awareness and open up to your true self, your personality will expand. You may notice gentle traits emerging from within you. The Personality of the Spirit takes hold of your truth and makes living a joy!

This episode of the Divine Podcast kicks off a Vivadivine Initiative to highlight the stories of those who have successfully shifted depression out of their spirit.
We will share how we are thriving by sharing our stories about how fitness, diet, neuro-psychology, and diligent spiritual practices played a big role in our recovery.

Today's guest on Join Up Dots is a lady who like many of us had a path to where she is today, which was full of the kind of dots that you can’t see at the time, but become crystal clear much later on in life.

Back in 2010 her life was literally thrown into the air, when a freak accident happened to her, which of course happens to thousands of people everyday, but we never really feel that it will happen to us.

One day she was crossing the street, and a car came from nowhere and hit her, and that one incident changed her life and helped her re-discover her life's purpose after losing track of it in her early 20’s.

And now as she says ” I have picked up 100% and full steam ahead for the rest of my life. I created an initiative called Vivadivine. It’s geared toward conscious living, defining a purpose driven life and much more. I am also pursuing my goal to become a life coach.”

But this goes much deeper than this, as the phrase Vivadivine had been one that she had been living with for over 26 years, and started in the most opposite of directions that you can imagine.
Yes, a close friend Grainger Sanders coined the words, and now not a day will go by when she doesn't think “Man, those dots in my life so joined up”

So how did it come about that this alter ego was born, and stayed with her for so many years?
And would she look back on that dreadful day when her body took a pounding from the car and think “Thank god for that” or “God, I wish that had never happened?
Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Debbie Mack.

Show Highlights

During the show we discussed such weighty topics as:
How she now looks back on being hit by the car as a good thing, and does not go a day without thanking the driver for hitting her.
How she realized in her life that she was unhappy, and allowed herself the quietness to sit and wait for her thoughts to come through and show her the way.
How she always felt weird in her life, and knew that she wasn't part of the same scene her friends were into, and struggled with that thought constantly.
And lastly……..

How she now believes that when you look back and join up your dots, you can actually see the direction that they are leading into your future.

Listen to the full interview here.

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