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Growing up the South in the seventies was not the easiest task but CeeCee did her best to keep an open mind. The product of a civil right activist/attorney and an educator brought about a lot of enlightenment on people and race relations. This was her very beginning of seeing people as one. It also sparked her catalyst of being an optimist. She always knew that were all connected somehow but ’ how?’ was the very question that loomed over her as she experienced  life lessons. Her life experience was like most all American people anticipate- went to college, got married and had kids along with her promising career as an account manager. 

Along that journey, she did get a glimpse of her passion which was skin care but the division of the major cosmetic company folded, her marriage went into different direction and she was faced with raising two young sons by herself. As time progressed, her dear influence/father became very ill with the dreadful disease, diabetes. As it took its toll on her, so did the divorce. That did not stop her. As a matter of fact, that became her influence – to go forward in his name. As the story unraveled and became more complex, she recognized an influence that came from within.  It started with a quest to walk closer with her creator but little did she know, her greatness came from within. She became more grateful  for her precious gifts/sons and her own health, sanity. This led to opening doors and peeling off more layers of herself in a journey into empowerment she became to recognize as pure love and divinity- one that is within. We ALL are connected by love energy that is merely encapsulated into this entity called the physical body.

Life led to finally leaving corporate America to pursue skin care by pursuing license as an esthetician. In this arena, she can encourage others that from the inside out, you can look and take great care of yourself. YOU CAN shine like the light being that you are destined to be. You are whole, complete and divine. One can discover that this life/realm is for us to explore it and spread it like a light beam that we are. Thus, her name came about as ONENESS JOURNEY.  It is a mission to uplift, enlighten and inspire all to know this journey into ONENESS-LOVE! Take the first step and all will be revealed to you!



by Oneness Journey

"Do not let them identify you... identify YOURSELF!"--Black Raa, Facebook.

My motivation today comes from this quote: “Identify yourself and don't be identified by others”. As a matter of fact, I say CELEBRATE who you are!

Recognize your Divine Abilities and Divine Self for who you are and what you are made up of: Divine particles. These all add up to make you exactly what you are and what you are here to do. It’s important realize that we are all connected with this same life force that everything is made up of.

What exactly am I saying? All things, plants, animals, hue-man beings, etc. are made of these Divine particles and connect us all- you and me. We must dismiss ourselves from old ideologies that profess that we are powerless and because of one man, we are made worthy....this man was made up of GOD just as we are too.

Now let us at least entertain this idea if not remember this deep down within our hearts. Do you ever hear that faint little voice that always asks you if there is more than just this life? I always knew there was more, but did NOT know it will unravel into a FULL-SCALE arena of such BEAUTIFUL and BLISSFUL knowledge! Knowledge that releases all resistance of who and shows us how free we TRULY are! Now, that alone, is GOOD NEWS, isn’t it?

Well, if you didn’t know, now you do Divine Beings! Let us embrace it, even if we do so gradually, piece by piece, moment by moment, ask yourself questions and answers will be revealed.

For me, it happened in a form a so-called 'crisis' or so I thought. Little did I know that it wasn't in a 'crisis' or ordeal, it was my Awakening. Things started peeling off, layer by layer. Ideas started flooding my mind like never before and now that I realize who I am, I have to keep the ball rolling by learning more and more. It's not hard work or a problem; it is actually what I hunger and thirst for daily. I figure that if my physical body thirsts and hungers for the desires of this lowly, physical plane, that it must be balanced with that DESIRE to learn more of my higher self and my attributes. I KNOW these will manifest as I vibrate at higher and higher levels. SEEK and you shall FIND! It’s like it's a natural order and I know I don’t want to be at a lower vibration, who does? Do you?

You need to ask yourself:

Do I need to keep on going with the flow?

Do I just accept where and who I am now?

Isn't there more than this in life?

Do I desire a much deeper freedom than just these material things such as the car, the house, the job, etc.?

Questions like these will propel you to look into a much deeper plane than where your physical mind currently is, so grab a hold of it and explore.

Don't be afraid because fear is crippling. You will NEVER be fulfilled or feel FREE-DOME if you don’t try. Let your inner self know that you may fall or it may seem difficult but keep pressing because it is just letting you know you are on the right track.

Divine Beings, let's get busy diving into ourselves and NOT ignore the small voice within. There IS more and you have to be willing to find it!

Peace and Love to YOU as you journey within,



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